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Nick Moyer holding a beer

Name: Nick Moyer
Occupation: Production Assistant, Photographer, and Videographer
Current City: Atlanta, Georgia
Originally From: Reading, Pennsylvania
Phone: 484-332-1723
Email: work@nickm.co
University Attended: Penn State University
Degree Obtained: B.A. in Film/Video in 2010

Twitter: @nickmoyer
Instagram: @nickmoyer
Snapchat: @nickmoyer
IMDb: Nicholas Moyer
YouTube: @nickmoyer

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A Little Bit About Nick Moyer…

Currently, I live in Atlanta, Georgia where I moved to pursue my goal of working in the film industry. When I am not working on Films or TV Shows, I can be found roaming the streets or woods with my camera taking photos of anything I find interesting.

Nick’s Goals…

Hike the Entire Appalachian Trail
2,168.1 miles isn’t too far…Walking from Maine to Georgia doesn’t sound too bad. I have had this goal ever since I made it from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts when I was younger. My first hike on the “A Trail” was roughly 12 miles and was an overnight camping trip. Ever since then, I have had the crazy idea of wanting to hike the entire trail at some point in my life. It is roughly a 6 month trek for most people if they are actually able to complete the journey. It would be quite the journey to take and the challenge is what make me want to complete this at during my life. I think it would take about a year or so to get into the right shape to complete the trek so all in all it would consume roughly a year and a half of my life. I also think that not only would it be physically the hardest thing I would do in my life, but would mentally push me to my limits. I also can’t believe in this day and age going even an hour without using my iPhone to check my email, even knowing that I have none in my inbox. I also think that worrying about getting to my next location in one piece instead of worrying about bills, school loans, or what to watch on TV would be such a huge shock that it would make me appreciate more what I have and don’t have in my life. I also might run into Bigfoot which would be amazing!!!!

Complete an Ironman Race
If you have never heard of an Ironman Race before, you are probably thinking I want to be Tony Stark for a day and race against other people dressed up as Ironman. That is not what an Ironman Race is unfortunately even though that might be pretty entertaining to watch. An Ironman race is a triathlon, that is 140.6 miles in length. Participants start off with a 2.4 mile swim, which transitions into a 112 mile bike ride, which transitions into 26.2 mile run. That’s right, after swimming for 2.4 miles and riding a bike for 112, you complete a marathon. This all has to be completed within before midnight which is roughly 17 hours. Each stage has a time limit where if you don’t complete the stage in that amount of time, you are disqualified. This is the ultimate test to see how far you can push your body. It almost makes walking the entire Appalachian Trail look like a walk in the park. This would take years of training in order to complete the triathlon in a manner that I would want to. I wouldn’t want to just complete it, I would want to push my body to its breaking point, and then a little bit more. Although I have not started to train specifically for this just yet, I am beginning to take steps that will lead me to this event in my lifetime.

Earn A Masters Degree in Brewing From UC Davis
Craft Beer. Craft Beers. Craft Beer. I love craft beer. Whoever would have thought that you can go to school and earn a Masters Degree in brewing beer, but apparently at UC Davis, you can do just that. As mentioned above, I love craft beer. I also love learning how things work, operate, and are made. Earning this Masters Degree might not lead to me becoming a Brewmaster at some brewery, but it would allow me to learn what all goes into beer and learn how everything works, all the way down to the molecular level. I have a very basic brewing setup where I brew Mr. Beer starter packs but I want to educate myself to possibly make that a career at some point later in my life. Brewing beer has been done the same way for centuries to gaining this education earlier in my life would still benefit me later due to it most likely not changing a whole lot until I get to that point in my life and career.

Nick’s Career Role Models…

These successful individuals below all are leaders in their industries. They all bring something different to the table and I try to use the skill sets I respect most from each of them to make me a better employee in my job/career. Under each of their photos, I explained why they are so influential on me and my work ethic.

In no particular order


Adam Carolla | adamcarolla.com

Adam Carolla does whatever he wants to do, and I really respect this. If he wants to make a film, he makes one. If he wants to write a book, he writes one. It doesn’t matter if he has a huge uphill battle in front of him, he will carry out his project no matter what. Most people see him as the guy from The Man Show, but I see him as a very talented businessman and creative individual who is able to accomplish his goals no matter how busy he is in his personal life or career.


Gary Vaynerchuk | garyvaynerchuk.com

Gary Vaynerchuk is just an internet madman that has so much #hustle its unreal and contagious. The mindset of Gary is what I am drawn to. He gives people what they want. This is the complete opposite of what every other company does. This man speaks straight up common sense which has made him the complete opposite of every other “social media guru” out there that just throws right hooks all the time. Gary has changed the way I view social media and has made me seriously consider a career change into this field.


Gordon Ramsay | gordonramsay.com

Gordon Ramsey is a man that knows his craft inside and out. He is extremely detail oriented which has lead to him producing the highest quality product that he can possibly make. This is the kind of work ethic I try to possess as well. I’m very detail oriented and I feel as though it has also lead to me producing high quality products. I might not be able to make world class food, but I bring the same philosophy to my photography and video work.


Kevin Rose | kevinrose.com

Kevin Rose is the kind of businessman I hope to be someday. He has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. Another thing I really respect from Kevin is that he always wants to keep creating. He had a job at Google and left just so he could go back to creating. I respect this immensely which has lead me to keep creating even with the crazy work schedule I have with working in the film industry.

Things Nick Truly Believes In…

Bigfoot, Doppelgängers

Nick’s Guilty Pleasures…

Reality TV, Taylor Swift’s Music