[re]chic shop

Nick Moyer

Date: April 4, 2016

Domain Name: rechicshop.com

CMS: WordPress

Technologies Used: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, jQuery, SSL Certificate, Foundation, WooCommerce

Tags: , , , , , , , ,

About [re]chic shop

[re]chic shop is an ecommerce company that repurposes, redesigns, and refurbishes old furniture, fixtures, antiques, etc and then sells them on their website as well as at local craft shows.

Involvement with rechicshop.com

rechicshop.com is a WordPress run website that uses the plugin “WooCommerce” heavily. The website is very simple and revolves almost solely around the online store for the company.
My involvement with this website was installing WordPress and configuring a theme from angiemakes.com which the company had purchased. Installing and configuring WooCommerce is where I spent most of my time as well as installing an SSL Certificate to secure the entire checking out process from the store.

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